Organiko supports a 'Green Truck Program' designed to reduce air pollution from trucks by as much as 80%, by favoring the use of alternate fuels such as ethanol. The shipping department strictly enforces the 'no idle' policy when docked. An idling engine uses up to 1.5 gallons of fuel per hour emitting  up to 33lbs of CO2. Further to our commitment to reduce emissions, our  fleet consists of Toyota Prius Hybrid vehicles. 

Our products are made in our facility in Canada. As parts of our ecology program, we do not manufacture in distant continents, then ship to us and in turn ship to the customer. We ship to the customer directly reducing shipping costs, emissions and time.  

Organiko is continuously searching for innovative ways to save the life of a tree and lower the carbon footprint. We use post consumer recycled printing paper. Recycled paper saves 60% energy, reduces 95% of air pollution and saves 17 trees/ton of recycled paper. We have done away with outer boxes for product and have minimized printed information by resorting to an eCatalog on the web.  We inspect inbound shipping boxes and store structurally sound boxes for re-use.

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It is common knowledge that our earth is being severely exploited and abused. The human impact in our world is irreversibly damaging our mother earth through pollution, loss of habitat, exploitation... We, at Organiko, are extremely concerned with the future or our earth. We have developed programs designed to lessen the impact on the environment. 

All our organic raw materials are USDA certified, this means the NOP strict regulations govern the lifecycle of these products; from the soil they grow, to cultivation methods, to their handling and to the final processes for use in a formula

Packaging material is a very important facet of creating a product. We research packaging that takes the least energy to recycle, such as PET plastic. Recycled PET or PETG plastic  saves approximately 12,000 BTU's, it is the only plastic that is 100% recyclable. We are working on a new vegetable plastic made from the resin of corn which will produce no extra carbon dioxide when burned. 

Organiko has never, nor will ever test on animals


Our Earth, Our Home...Let's Keep it clean!

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