MediOrganic Express

​​*Lead times may be affected by numerous factors such as; label printing delays, certification delays, custom label design or shipping delays, custom work, timely responses from the client...

ORGANIKO LABS stock formulations of MEDI-ORGANIC Skincare Line is available through the MEDIORGANIC EXPRESS program.

MEDI-ORGANICS program was designed to simplify private label by offering low minimums, eliminate R&D + stability fees, shorter wait times and convenient stock packaging

MEDIORGANIC EXPRESS facilitates fulfillment of creating your own Skin Care Line with minimal effort and cost:  

Mininums as low as 25 items per product. 

Minimum purchase of $500 per order.

Turn around times in just a few weeks*.

Customize label templates with your own descriptions.

You are just 5 QUICK STEPS AWAY:

  1. Select your products from our MEDIORGANIC EXPRESS menu. 
  2. Send us your logo and your custom text or bilingual descriptions (your logo will replace the  'MEDIORGANIC EXPRESS'  logo). 
  3. We  affix your labels to the packaging.
  4. Congratulations...You are now the CEO of your own MEDIORGANIC Skincare Line.

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