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ORGANIC EXPRESS* Collection is USDA ORGANIC certified containing 95-100% certified organic ingredients.

Currently there are 7 stock products, pre-filled, ready for label assembly and shipping fulfillment.

Your may build your own certified organic collection by selecting all the ORGANIC EXPRESS products, or you may build your skin care line by selecting products form any of the express collections, providing the minimum order quantities (MOQ) are met. 

All of the following products may be selected for private labeling:

1-Gel Cleanser


3-Vitamin C Serum

4-Firming Eye Cream

5-Day Moisturizer

6-Night Cream

7-Renew Balm

The collection is designed to perform a complete facial treatment. 




4-Eye Cream

4-Day Cream / Night Moisturizer or Renewal Balm


Antioxidants/ORAC SCORE. While it is well documented that antioxidants fight the effects of free radical damage on our skin, few have taken the time to explore the benefits of super fruit antioxidants and the benefits they offer to skin rejuvenation and protection from environmental skin damage.  For many years now, scientist have derived a system called the ORAC SCORE that measures antioxidant levels found in organic matter.



Organic Vitamin C

Apple Stem Cell


Certified Organic

Custom Formulation

Privale Label Express

Hyaluronic Acid:  500 Dalton in size.  This low weight Hyaluronic Acid can penetrate the skin offering firming, elasticity and moisture.  Helps reduce fine lines and puffiness under the eyes.  HA is and excellent skin plumper, giving the skin a smooth translucent texture.


*Full size samples or the ORGANIC EXPRESS are available for one time only purchase - select the SHOP button on the main menu

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