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'Take advantage or our experienced R&D lab chemists to create your unique formula'

Your loyal customers seek your services and products repeatedly because they trust your expertise and experience. This also holds true when you decide to create your own private label line. They are confident that the product(s) you endorse as your brand is true and worth its claims. 


ORGA-NIKO LABS Private Label can create for you a USDA Certified Organic product line with integrity.  We can manufacture using your own formulas or take advantage of our experienced R&D chemists to create your own unique formula* or opt for the Organic Express or Medi-Organic Express (hybrid) programs using stock formulas. We also manufacture Natural skincare products. 


Our minimums are 25 litres (6.6 gal) per item, this translates to approximately:

15ml/0.5oz = 1,670 units

30ml/1oz = 833 inits

50ml/1.7oz = 500 units

200ml/6.75oz = 125 units

The cost to create your Private Label Certified Organic Skincare is very reasonable, contrary to what you may believe or experienced. Costs are based on the type of ingredients used and volume quantities. On average the cost per unit is approximately half of what you would pay for a brand name, on minimum orders. Higher volume orders will reduce the cost per item considerable. This means even higher profit margins.

You will need a vessel to hold your product. Skincare containers come in many shapes, types and styles. Selecting the right container and size for each product could be challenging. Also there is the question whether the product will be in a box or not? Our team of experts can offer you guidance to select the perfect packaging for each type of product, as well, as present options on how to acquire them.


Containers in combination with labels complete your own brand image. There are numerous options for labels; printed labels on a medium then applied to the container. These can be custom sized for optimal fit on your packaging. There are several types of media, finishes and inks available to suit the environment your product will be used. Alternately there is the option to print right on the container. This is practical clean and durable. If using a colored container, the color will be consistent throughout.  There are drawbacks to this type of label. Our team will be happy to guide though choosing the right label.


​Once you are happy with your formula(s), your packaging and label, production of your own brand will commence. Once complete we will ship your product in unmarked boxes**.  


Next our marketing team experts will assist in promoting your skincare line. We have several approaches to guide you in the right direction.

We at ORGA-NIKO LABS offer a complete turnkey solution for Private Label, or you may take advantage of our talented teams to assist with the required components to complete your branding.

*A $500 non-refundable R&D fee is required per product for custom formula development . This entitles to one 33 g sample or each product per batch with a maximum of 3 batch revisions. Requests of additional samples beyond the 3 limit revision, will incur a new $500 R&D fee.

** We regard the privacy and confidentiality of each client business with the utmost importance. Prior to conducting business, both parties shall sign a legal non disclosure agreement. 


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