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NET-ZERO Packaging, Plastic Free

Saving our Waterways...One Bar at a Time!

RIVERROCKS 'amber'_normal hair
'RIVERROCKS 'sapphire' problem scalp
RIVERROCKS 'topaz' dry hair
RIVERROCKS 'amber' quartz
RIVERROCKS 'sapphire' problem scalp
RIVERROCKS conditioner
RIVERROCKS conditioner
RIVERROCKS conditioner

*Full size samples or are available for one time only purchase - select the SHOP button on the main menu - Packaging may be different than shown on this page

RIVER ROCKS sisal bags net-zero packaging

Molded to reflect the natural shapes of River Rocks, our new hair care collection is 'Net-Zero' packaged in an organic sisal pouch, offering a completely plastic free approach to hair care. 
A wooden bead in the draw string mimics the colour of the bar, for easy identification of the type of shampoo

​This collection is design for Hair Care, formulated with selected organic ingredients known to help with the various hair and scalp conditions. 

Currently there are 8 stock products (5 Shampoo & 3 Conditioner), pre-filled ready for label assembly and shipping fulfillment. 

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