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  • Can I fill and label my own products?
    Depending on the type of skin care product you purchase. Products that are not USDA ORGANIC certified, such as; MEDI-GRADE, Apple Stem Cell line or certain NIKO products that do not have a USDA ORGANIC seal on the label, are eligible for DYI filling and labelling. Products that have been registered with the NOP Programs, must be filled and labelled at our facility or any facility that has a current USDA ORGANIC certification.
  • How many products do I get with 21 L production?
    21 Litres of bulk product is 21,000 millilitres (equivalent to approx. 5.5 gal). Depending on the size of container, the number of products is determined by dividing the bulk quantity by the container size, for example; 21,000 mL / 50 mL = 420 units. Note that there is a chance of up to 15% overrun yielding up to 63 extras that will be added to the cost.
  • How long for custom formulation before I have my product?
    For custom formulation normally takes 3 months from start to finish. There are many factors affecting the length of time; customer prompt response, delivery of raw materials, number of samples requested, packaging delivery, payment delays, production scheduling and timing. We do not schedule production until all the elements are on site.
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