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We Ethically Harvest from our Own Forest...

Niko with Fall Backdrop of Our Certified Organic Wild Forest

It's a beautiful trip to the NIKO certified organic wild forest in Muskoka, Ontario Canada. This time of the year Nature puts on a splendorous vibrant show of intense colors and dramatic textures. Niko enjoys the many trips to our estate, but especially he takes great pleasure to pitch-in with the fall harvest. This year Mother Nature rewarded us with bright and warm sunny days enhancing the splendor of the landscape.

Canadian wild forests are a bounty of natural sources of antioxidant rich raw materials, ranging from mushrooms, nuts, seeds, mosses, ferns and a variety of leaves - such as the three Maple Leaves used in the Wild Harvest Collection skin care. We harvest ethically respecting Nature and in harmony with the local wildlife by hand picking our raw materials - We are very proud to bring the riches from nature to enhance and enrich your organic skin care products with the prestige of the USDA Organic Seal.

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