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Made in Canada

 P R I V A T E   L A B E L

C E R T I F I E D   O R G A N I C   S K I N   C A R E

World leader in USDA ORGANIC certified skincare / MediGrade / Natural / Manufacturing. 
PRIVATE LABEL Custom formulation or EXPRESS-low MOQ, low-cost, turn-key solution.

Let Nature take care of your skin!

Ingredients from our USDA Organic estate, ethically wild harvested,

chosen for their high nourishing benefits to your skin.



Private Label

- B E N E F I T S -

Start Your Own Brand...Or Add To Your Existing Brand
Create Your Own Unique Story ...Or Enhance Your Existing Story
Offer High-Quality Organic Products...Or Improve Your Current Product Line
Be Brand Independent...Or Elevate Your Brand Status
Lower Product Costs While Improving Product Integrity And Quality
Control Your Product Marketplace

- H O W   T O  G U I D E -

'5 Easy Steps' To Create Your Own Custom Formula Product

Private Label Concept
Private Label Identity
Private Label Product
Private Label Packaging
Private Label Finished Product


Private Label

ORGANIC EXPRESS  allows you to fulfill your dreams of creating your own, high quality, Certified USDA ORGANIC or MEDI-ORGANIC personal care products .

Our pre-packaged line of products are ready to receive your label and shipped to you, offering a cost effective and quick turn-around.

Your Logo  insertion on the label**

We offer turn-key solutions including full label design and label printing. If you opt to design/print your labels, we will provide you with labels specifications and design guidelines for your product(s).

Product Private Label wrap

EXPRESS PRIVATE LABEL is designed to overcome the challenges of high minimums, costly certification fees, packaging challenges and long wait times. ORGA-NIKO LABS Private Label EXPRESS program diminishes these challenges by offering Ready-to-Go stock formulas.

If you do not own a logo or would like a professional review of your existing logo, our talented team can offer graphic design services to assist you in the development of your unique corporate logo or advise on your existing logo design.


Private Label ExpressCollections Available


Identiy OrganicExpress
Medi-Organic logo
Apple Stem Cell Symbol



RIVER ROCK shampoo in bag
RIVER ROCKS conditioner
RIVER ROCKS shampoo heap

NET-ZERO Packaging

Plastic Free

Shake it Baby Shampoo duo


You are just 5 QUICK STEPS AWAY:

  1. Select your products from our ORGANIC EXPRESS menu. You may select 'a-la-carte' from different collections. 

  2. Send us your logo and your custom text or bilingual descriptions and instructions of use.

  3. We apply for your USDA ORGANIC Certification (if applicable).

  4. We print and label your product.

  5. Congratulations...You are now the CEO of your own skincare Line.

  • Minimums as low as 25 items per item. 

  • Minimum purchase of $500 per order.

  • Turn around times in just a few weeks¹.

  • Logo insertion² or professional label design (optional)

  • Customize label with your own descriptions and product names.

White Feather



river rocks on white background
Man shampooing
River Rocks shampoo stack

Net-Zero Packaging - Plastic Free

Saving our Waterways...One Bar at a Time

Organic Vegan Express Collection
Maple Leaves background
Tri-MapleLeaf Elastin Boost Cream

Tri-Maple Leaf

Tri-Maple Leaf Pro-Elastin cleanser
Ethically hand picked from our wild forest

Certified Organic is the New 'Natural'



Tri-Maple Leaf Elastin Complex Serum



New facility

Construction is underway of our new state-of-the-art facility in Toronto, ON Canada, features a large laboratory with workstations for 4 chemists, complete with chromatography machine.  Electronically controlled hydraulic manufacturing and precision filling machines.  At the heart of production is CMS software, a chemical management system that controls every aspect of production from ordering to receiving to inventory to formulations to dispensing to  packaging & shipping. Weighing scales are integrated with CMS that regulates the weight of raw materials based on the formulations requirements. Each step of the process is electronically verified and signed-off by qualified  personnel, ensuring quality control and consistency of products.


Niko harvesting

Glorious days at the NIKO Cosmetics / ORGA-NIKO LABS Certified Organic Wilderness Fall Harvest 2023. The fall colours seem to be brighter and more prevalent this year. Nature again displays it majestic splendor. Our certified organic estate in the Muskoka wilderness in Ontario, Canada, has an abundance of wild botanicals we carefully and ethically harvest to use in skin care product formulations. Maple Leaves are the key ingredient for the Wild Harvest Collection, the forest is a natural source of many other antioxidant rich raw materials from mushrooms, nuts, seeds, mosses, ferns and a variety of leaves. We harvest with respect to nature and in harmony with the local wildlife by hand picking raw materials. We are very proud to bring the riches from nature to enhance and enrich your organic skin care products with the prestige of the USDA Organic Seal.


Wild Harvest estate

The expansion of NIKO NORTH, the new division of NIKO Cosmetics, phase I in progress with the construction of new roads and electrical infrastructure. Preparation for phase II IS is designed and planned for the construction of a new Net Zero facility using geothermal and solar powered systems. This modern facility will used for the manufacturing and processing of organic raw materials, harvested from our certified organic forest for future use in advanced and unique skin care formulations.



Our Earth, Our Only Home...Let's Keep it Healthy & Beautiful!

Our Earth

It is common knowledge that our earth is being severely exploited and abused. The human impact in our world is irreversibly damaging our mother earth through pollution, loss of habitat, exploitation... We, at ORGA-NIKO LABS, are extremely concerned with the future or our earth. We have developed programs designed to diminish or stop the destructive impact on the environment.


Our organic raw materials are USDA ORGANIC certified, this means the NOP strict regulations govern the lifecycle of these products; from the soil they grow, to cultivation methods, to their handling and to the final processes for use in a formula - This means, they are free of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and toxic preservatives. NOP maintains organic product integrity by conducting regular audits and inspections throughout the various phases of product development; from the organic ingredient growers to the manufacturers of organic personal care products.

Green Shipping Icon

ORGA-NIKO LABS supports a 'Green Truck Program'. We favor business with Electric Trucks. Alternately, we consider trucks that contribute to reduce air pollution by as much as 80%, by using alternate fuels, such as ethanol. The shipping department strictly enforces the 'no idle' policy when docked. An idling engine uses up to 1.5 gallons of fuel per hour emitting  up to 33lbs of CO2. Further to our commitment to reduce emissions. We use electric Polaris Electric Vehicle 4-wheel trucks for harvesting and we 
have pre-ordered our first Tesla Cybertruck, fully electric vehicle, paving the way to replace our current Toyota Prius Hybrid vehicles. Our future plans is to continue to expand our transportation vehicles to fully electric, as they become availale in the market. Also the tools used in the organic estate are all electric, we have barred the use and storage of liquid fossil fuels.

Manufacturing Icon

Our products are made in our facility in Ontario, Canada. As parts of our ecology program, we do not manufacture in distant continents, then ship to us and in turn ship to the customer. We ship to the customer directly reducing shipping costs, emissions and time. 
 Furthermore; we developed the  infrastructure to ethically harvest native ingredients from our land, to cut down the need for long distance transportation for ingredients and  further reducing emissions and costs.

Product Packaging Icon

Packaging material is a very important facet of creating a product. We research packaging that takes the least energy to recycle, such as PET plastic. Recycled PET or PETG plastic saves approximately 12,000 BTU's, it is the only plastic that is 100% recyclable. We are actively working to bring to market biodegradable containers. In the meantime, we have been proactive in our efforts to offer plastic free alternatives; we offer metal tubes, aluminum lined bamboo jars and Net-Zero packaging products (such as, our shampoo and conditioner bars). Our goal is to continue to expand our plastic-free, biodegradable packaging offering.

Cruelty Free

ORGA-NIKO LABS has never, nor will ever test on animals. We do not use Palm Oil or derivatives. The Palm Oil industry is destroying the natural habitat of the Orangutan in favor of planting palm oil trees.

Recycle Icon

ORGA-NIKO LABS is continuously searching for innovative ways to save the life of a tree and lower the carbon footprint. We use post consumer recycled printing paper. Recycled paper saves 60% energy, reduces 95% of air pollution and saves 17 trees/ton of recycled paper. We have done away with outer boxes for product and have minimized printed information by resorting to eCatalogs and minimal postcard size printed material.  

We have developed NET-ZERO packaging for our  River Rocks Shampoo and Conditioner bars, eliminating 3 plastics shampoo bottles per bar.  We continue our involvement with faculties to produce environment-friendly packaging and are planning to manufacture such packaging in our new state-of-the-art facility



The choices we make in life pave the roadway for the future.





Niko Papadatos has made a choice to provide the world with personal care products of the highest quality and healthiest ingredients. Niko’s vision of creating a revolutionary line of hair care products with no sulfates was met with such success that led to the establishment of NIKO Cosmetics Inc. and the NIKO brand in the early 80’s. Following the great achievement of the ‘sulfate free’ line, a complete line of premium make-up and skin products emerged. NIKO brand products gained international recognition by salons, spas and retailers, including major department stores in Canada, where NIKO brand retail counters, competed alongside major brands quite successfully. 

Skin care is a huge market, which unfortunately is not regulated, this has left the door open for manufactures making all sorts of questionable claims of organic or natural products. NIKO Cosmetics commitment to bring integrity to the industry, incited a world search for the strictest, cleanest and the most trustworthy certifier of skin care products - the USDA ORGANIC program won the honors as the certifier for NIKO Cosmetics. A decade ago, Niko founded ORGA-NIKO LABS, as a division of NIKO Cosmetics, dedicated to R&D and manufacturing of Certified Organic skin care products (also medi-organic or natural products). We are one of the few manufacturers of USDA ORGANIC skin care in the world.

Our beautiful earth is increasingly being abused and destroyed due to pollution of our environment, which adversely affects our health in ways we do not fully aware. Niko’s mother, Koula dealt with Alzheimer’s for several years, the experience of such an anguishing illness has fueled Niko’s determination to provide healthier products for us, protect the environment from the toxic chemicals of product run-off and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. NIKO Cosmetics has acquired 40 acres of pristine Ontario forested land, where it will be home of the new ‘net-zero’ facility powered by solar and geothermal systems, as an initiative to drastically lower GHG emissions. This land is certified USDA ORGANIC and our goal is to gather the nutrient rich wild botanicals from the forest, such as wild perennials, roots, leaves, herbs, seeds, mushrooms, etc., for the manufacture of skin care products. The collection of raw materials from the forest will be conducted in such a manner that preserves, maintains, and restores the natural environment. Ethical gathering programs, such as, ‘Pick One-Leave One’ is part of our sustainable mandate to local ethical harvesting. We embrace every opportunity to reduce GHG emission, such as banning the use of liquid fuel power tools, compulsory use of EV’s for business transportation and harvesting, no idle policy for internal combustion engines (ICE) and mandatory LED lighting and Energy Star appliances. Local harvesting also diminishes the necessity to import ingredients over long distances, further diminishing GHG emissions.

NIKO Cosmetics/ORGA-NIKO LABS continued growth, has prompted us to increase our current space. We anticipate moving late 2024, into our new acquired, state-of-the-art facility located in the east end of Toronto Canada. In the meantime, we are progressing with the building of the  harvest facility in Lake-of-Bays, Ontario, Canada

The NIKO brand skin care is sold in organic stores and online and has gained distribution rights in China, Hong Kong, the EU and UK, but our 'claim-to-fame' is the manufacture of award-winning custom formulations of certified USDA ORGANIC skin care product for many customers, stretching from Asia, Europe, Caribbean and the Americas.

Let Nature Take Care of Your Skin!

Niko inits


We ethically harvest  raw materials from our own 40acre certified organic estate in Ontario, Canada
We source only from reputable suppliers of certified USDA ORGANIC and natural raw materials.  
We select raw materials for their quality and highest content of skin benefitting nutrients and properties
We continuously search for new and exotic raw materials for use in our care formulations 
We are an OEM facility - we  formulate, manufacture, package, design and label
 - complete 'turn-key' solution

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